Stain Gallery

Ki67 | Human Tissue
PD-1 | Human Tissue
CD68 | Human Tonsil
H&E Staining
Sirius Red | Mouse Liver
Beta-amyloid | Human Brain
CD3 | Mouse Tissue
CD3 | Rat Spleen
Olig2 | Rat Brain
CD133 | Human Liver
Period acid-Schiff Stain
Masson's Trichrome | Mouse Tissue
Ki67 | Rat Brain
Cleaved Caspase 3 | Mouse Tissue
Ly6G/Ly6C | Mouse Tissue
IBA1 | Human Tissue
F4/80 | Mouse Liver
GFAP | Rat Brain
SMA | Mouse Tumor
P40 | Human Tissue
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Period acid-Schiff Stain