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We are your partners in advancing your cutting-edge research projects

NDB Bio was founded to fulfill the need for quality histology and immunohistochemistry results on human and veterinary tissue for research purposes. Because NDB Bio was founded by scientists, we understand them and their needs thoroughly, and cater to life scientists in academia, biotech companies, and government. 


Our team of highly-skilled scientists and pathologists have years of experience in translational research, including biomarker testing and new immunoassay development. We offer our clients start-to-finish in situ protein detection solutions for their research - from designing of the experiments to helping with analysis of the data.


NDB Bio also specializes in developing and performing custom multiplexed immunoassays for research purposes on a wide range of human and veterinary samples through use of an open platform technology, providing flexibility in R&D projects.

Our Clients

NDB Bio has a wide variety of clients, so we have experience working with small biotech startups to established research labs in large universities.
Some of our clients include
This is what they had to say about us...

"I was very pleased with the service provided by NDBbio. The stains were of exceptional quality and helped us complete our project with speed and efficiency"

Principal Investigator, NIH/NCI

"NDBbio did a great job with the TUNEL Assay. One of the very few people who understand how this assay is performed" 

Senior Scientist, Biotech Start-up, North Carolina

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